Prof. Dr. José Antonio Siqueira Dias

Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering, 1985

University of Campinas - UNICAMP

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Research Interests

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M.S. Students

1. Ivan Padua
Area: Energy Harvesting and Electronic Instrumentation.
Subject: Development of a Thermoeletric Energy Harvesting System from Tree Trunks.

2. Alexandre Pizzolato
Area: Sensors & Electronic Instrumentation.
Subject: Hidrophone Sensor Based on Strain-Gauges with Nanoparticle Structured Resistors.

3. Ulisses Nogueira
Area: Energy Harvesting and Electronic Instrumentation.
Subject: Optimization of TEG Series/Parallel Configuration for Environmental Energy Harvesting with the LTC3108 DC-DC Converter.

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Ph.D. Students

1. Reynaldo Gasparine
Area: Electronics Instrumentation
Subject: Developmnet of a system for inducing moderate hypothermia in the treatment of traumatic brain injury

2. Nestor Ezequiel
Area: Sensors
Subject: Capacitive Fringing Field Sensor with Porous Ceramic to measure Soil Water Content.

3. Eduardo da Costa Ferreira
Area: Energy Harvesting and Soil Moisture Sensors
Subject: A Self-Powered and Autonomous Transistor Based Sensor Integrated into a Micro Sprinkler Spinner to Measure Soil Water Content

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Recent Publications

1 - Pedro C. Dias, Flávio J. O. Morais, Luis F. C. Duarte, Maria Bernadete M. Franc ¸a, Anderson W. Spengler, and Andreu Cabot, Measurement of the Electric Energy Storage Capacity in Solar Thermoelectric Generators Energy Harvesting Modules, Hindawi  International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, in Press.
2 - Alex Dante, Rodrigo Moreira Bacurau, Anderson Wedderhoff Spengler, Elnatan Chagas Ferreira, and José Antônio Siqueira Dias, A Temperature-Independent Interrogation Technique for FBG Sensors Using Monolithic Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT, VOL. 65, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2016.
3 - Pedro Carvalhaes Dias, Flávio José Oliveira Morais, Maria Bernadete de Morais França, Elnatan Chagas Ferreira, Andreu Cabot, and José A. Siqueira Dias, Autonomous Multisensor System Powered by a Solar Thermoelectric Energy Harvester With Ultralow-Power Management Circuit, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT, VOL. 64, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2015.
4 - André V. Boas, Sandro P. Haddad, José A. Siqueira Dias, A CMOS fast transient reponse low-dropout regulator with a compact NMOS output driver, Microelectronics Journal, Volume 45, Issue 3, March 2014, Pages 272-276
5- PFRIMER, FELIPE WALTER DAFICO ; KOYAMA, MARCELA ; DANTE, ALEX ; FERREIRA, Elnatan Chagas; DIAS, JOSE ANTONIO SIQUEIRA . A Closed-Loop Interrogation Technique for Multi-Point Temperature Measurement Using Fiber Bragg Gratings. Journal of Lightwave Technology (Print), v. 32, p. 971-977, 2014.
6- CREMONEZI, ALCIDES OLIVEIRA ; FERREIRA, ELNATAN C. ; FILHO, ALCINO JOSÉ BIAZON ; DIAS, JOSÉ A. SIQUEIRA . A Fiber Bragg Grating RMS Current Transducer Based on the Magnetostriction Effect Using a Terfenol-D Toroidal-Shaped Modulator. IEEE Sensors Journal, v. 13, p. 683-690, 2013.
7 - DIAS, PEDRO CARVALHAES ; ROQUE, WELLINGTON ;v ; Siqueira Dias, José A. . A high sensitivity single-probe heat pulse soil moisture sensor based on a single npn junction transistor. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, v. 96, p. 139-147, 2013.
8 - HERNANDES JUNIOR, L. J. ; Duarte, L. F. C. ; MORAES, F. J. O. ;FERREIRA, Elnatan Chagas ; Dias, J. A. Siqueira . Optimizing the Inspection Routine for the Detection of Electrical Energy Theft in AES Eletropaulo in São Paulo, Brazil. WSEAS Transactions on Power Systems, v. 7, p. 80-89, 2012.
9- Duarte, L. F. C. ; Zambianco, J. D. B. ; Airoldi, D. ;FERREIRA, Elnatan Chagas ; SIQUEIRA DIAS, J. A. . Characterization and breakdown of the electricity bill using custom smart meters: a tool for energy-efficiency programs. International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, v. 5, p. 116-123, 2011.
10 -SPENGLER,A.W. ; FERREIRA, Elnatan Chagas ; SIQUEIRA DIAS, J. A. . A Low Power, Battery Operated Precision Portable Thermal Chamber with Double Thermoelectric Module. International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, v. 5, p. 627-634, 2011.
11 - SPENGLER, A.W.Terçariol, W. L. ; Ferreira, E. C. ; Dias, J. A. Siqueira . Analogue control of the slew-rate in LIN bus digital transitions using translinear circuits. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, v. 69, p. 1-7, 2011.
12 - Fernandes, Alecio P. ; Ferreira, E.C. ; Siqueira Dias, J.A. . High resolution demodulation technique for Sagnac fibre optics gyroscopes using a low frequency quasi-synchronous clock. AEU. International Journal of Electronics and Communications (Print), v. 66, p. 150-152, 2011.
13 - SIQUEIRA DIAS, J. A. ; do Amaral, WellingtonA. ; de Moraes, Wilmar B. . A curvature-compensated CMOS voltage reference using Vth2 characteristics. Microelectronics (Luton) (Cessou em 1978. Cont. ISSN 0959-8324 Microelectronics Journal), v. 40, p. 1772-1778, 2009.